URBAN DADDY DC: Macon Out. A French Bistro. From a Georgian.

macon bistro & larder

By Jeff Dufour A quick history of relations between France and Georgia: The French almost helped out the South during the Civil War. The Allman Brothers played a few shows in Paris. And… that’s about it. Until this place showed up. Say bonjour (or hey, y’all) to Macon Bistro & Larder, a cool new mashup on Connecticut Avenue that takes from both the town in France and the town in Georgia, now accepting reservations for a Saturday opening. This is […]

BETHESDA BEAT: Sneak Peek: Macon Bistro & Larder

Sneak Peek: Macon Bistro & Larder A look inside the new restaurant opening May 10 in the Chevy Chase Arcade. Andrew Metcalf Macon Bistro & Larder—the new French bistro with influences of Southern home-style cuisine—is putting the final touches on the restaurant as it prepares for its Saturday opening. On Tuesday, owner Tony Brown could be found seated at the bar, working on the final details. “I’ve wanted to do a neighborhood concept for a long time,” Brown said. Brown […]

The evolution of a restaurant

Everything’s falling into place. The wine glasses have arrived, the walk-in refrigerator is chilling and the nameplates are being engraved for the barstools. A million things have been done, but a million more remain. Will it ever be finished?  In a word, no! Like raising a child, growing a garden, conducting a symphony – running a restaurant is a continually evolving project. There’s no formula for success, but isn’t that what drives us entrepreneurs – the chance to conquer the […]

The Way Ahead

Now that the excitement of signing on the dotted line has subsided, the real work begins – turning a historic European-style building into a thriving bistro. Completed in 1925 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2003, the Chevy Chase Arcade boasts impressive pilasters, detailed designs along the walls and ceiling, and the storefronts with large windows, giving visitors a view of what’s inside. Today’s Arcade tenants may not display the fresh loaves of bread or cobbler […]

A Peek Inside

What is it about windows covered with paper that makes you want to peek in? It’s like a new exhibit at the zoo – you want to know what’s in there! The front of Chevy Chase Arcade sports two big windows covered in butcher paper. What are they doing behind the paper? Carefully remaking a piece of the Arcade into macon bistro. Power tools are strewn about and dust seems to be the most consistent thing on the menu, along […]