Where South meets France! First Bites By Tom Sietsema

Macon Bistro & Larder: The South meets France, in Chevy Chase Circle

By Tom Sietsema, Tuesday, May 27

(Amanda Voisard/ For The Washington Post ) – Tony Brown named his new Chevy Chase Circle restaurant after his home town of Macon, Ga.

A new restaurant near menu-starved Chevy Chase Circle could probably serve cheese and crackers and attract the neighborhood’s attention. A round of applause, then, for the ambition displayed by Macon Bistro & Larder, which just opened in the Chevy Chase Arcade. The newcomer’s name refers to Macon, Ga., where owner Tony Brown grew up, and to its city sister in France. Hence the possibility of a diner sitting down to biscuits with pepper jelly, continuing with steak frites and ending with coconut layer cake.

A former federal contractor, Brown is no stranger to the food scene. While a chemistry major in college, he moonlighted as a prep cook at the esteemed Union Square in New York, where he eventually become a line cook. In San Francisco, he worked at the ground-breaking Square One, and when his then-girlfriend (now wife) got a clerkship in Washington, he moved here and rolled out a little chain of burrito shops called Burro. After the birth of their second child — and with arrival of Chipotle to the market — he figured he’d try a “more traditional path” and go to business school at Georgetown. “But I never left the idea of doing another food project behind.”

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